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Parami X Courses Fall 2023 Application Form

Welcome! This is the registration form for Parami X Courses, offered by the Parami Institute for Continuing Education (PICE).
Courses are 12 weeks long, including a project period of 3 weeks. Each teaching week will have two 1.5 hour synchronous class sessions with all participants and the instructor. Each course will have a maximum of 20 participants. During the project period participants are asked to apply their learning in projects that they design and implement themselves, with guidance from the instructor who will offer office hours throughout the project weeks.
Courses will run from August 7 - October 26, 2023. All courses are in English. The class schedule will be in the evening after working hours: 18h30-20h00 Myanmar Time or 20h00-21h30 Myanmar Time. Please note that attendance and active participation are mandatory. Course registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. All applicants may register for more than one course. Accepted applicants will be contacted by the Admissions team. Fees for accepted Participants are 32,000 MMK or $20, non-refundable.
To register, please fill out this form with your information. Your information will be kept confidential within our organization. Read the instructions carefully!

Attendance Policy

Participants must attend at least 75% of all synchronous class sessions. Next to attendance and active participation, to be awarded a certificate, participants need to complete assignments or activities as per instruction of the instructor. In case of emergency and electricity blackouts, please communicate with respective instructors as well as the admissions team.

Participants must follow the procedures and fulfill the requirements of the course. If they fail to do so, they will not be awarded a certificate and, depending on the case, may not be allowed to sign up for a course in the following period.
I hereby declare that I will join the course in line with the guidelines of Parami University.

Personal Information

If Yes, please write down your Parami Email below. (or) If No, please write down your Personal Email.


Please select your preferred courses. Read the Course Information https://rb.gy/p62wo carefully before choosing the courses!

Please note that if you wish to take the Supervised Machine Learning for Social Change course, you must have access to a desktop/laptop and experience with Python programming language.

Important Note: According to our admissions process, there will be no further steps to proctor your skills apart from writing an essay. Please write the essay precisely and carefully.

We are interested in your genuine and authentic responses that demonstrate your perspectives, values, and long-term goals. Therefore, do not not use paraphrasing tools or AI tools such as ChatGPT!

For the announcement of the successful applicants, please kindly check your email inbox and spam folder and proceed with the payment process as we compile a first-come first-serve basis to provide the seats. As the seats are limited, please kindly make a payment to get your seat in advance. The payment information will be shared via email.

Essay: Why I want to take a Changemakers course

Have a look at the course objectives and learning outcomes of the course of your first choice before you start writing. Give your essay the title “Why I want to take this [enter title of your first choice] course”. Write an essay of maximum 400 words, responding to the following questions:
1. Why is the topic of this course important to you? In your answer, describe how the course objectives and learning outcomes are relevant to your daily or professional life and make explicit connections with prior experience or knowledge on the topic.
2. What kind of changemaker are you or do you aspire to be? How can this course help you to become one? Describe what you hope to have learned or developed after taking this course, and give concrete examples how you will apply the learnings in your daily or professional life.
Please freely express yourself and share your own perspectives and aspirations. Use your own words and thoughts.

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